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No greenwashing. A commitment to sustainability, backed by a track record of sustainability.
These days, everybody's sustainable. Or at least, everybody says they're sustainable. The truth is often another, less savory matter.

At Northwest Aromatics, sustainability is something we take very seriously. And to be perfectly honest, we don't like it when people use the word as a marketing gimmick. Because sustainability is important. And it's at the core of the identity of Pacific Northwesteners. After all, we're the home of Greenpeace and the modern sustainability movement. And we do what we can—Northwest Aromatics co-founder (in photo above) has personally planted over 500,000 trees!

So in a world where many voices are screaming out, claiming to be sustainable, we prefer not to add our voice to the screaming. Instead we invite you to read the ten key facts that underlie Northwest Aromatics' commitment to sustainability and also the role that sustainability has in the culture of the Pacific Northwest. We believe the truth speaks for itself.
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