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Our commitment to sustainability is part of our heritage

The Pacific Northwest is the birthplace of the sustainability movement.

We're the home of Greenpeace and the sustainability movement. Our cities (Vancouver, Eugene, Portland, Seattle) are routinely ranked as the greenest in North America. Our forest industry is generally recognized as the most sustainable on the planet. So it's little wonder that Northwest Aromatics' essential oils are completely sustainable.

The First Nations and Sustainability
Our commitment to sustainability isn't new. It dates back some 11,500 years to the arrival of the First Nations in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. The natural environment the First Nations discovered was remarkably hospitable to their needs. The rivers provided clean water; the wildlife provided food and clothing; the trees provided medicines as well as materials for canoes, longhouses, weapons and works of art. And as a result, the First Nations were able to permanently settle in the region building massive longhouses and totem poles (both made out of Giant Arborvitae).

Nature protected them. And they, in turn, protected nature.

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