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Just a half hour from the mountains, the ocean
and the city … welcome to NWA-Mainland.

There might be something unfair about having a production facility in a place as beautiful as British Columbia. But we're not going to complain.

Just outside of Vancouver, BC, is the NWA-Mainland production facility. Here, at the NWA-Mainland site, everything from the raw material sourcing to the production processes to the quality control and assurance programs takes place. And all of it is headed towards providing customers with a completely consistent and always reliable supply experience. That's our commitment to you.
The NWA-Mainland Facility
Here, we use state-of-the-art production equipment to produce the highest quality essential oils. This means using dedicated vessels to ensure there is never cross-contamination of species. This also means every batch produced is analyzed using gas chromatographic technology to ensure the oil meets the specifications of our customers.
  The process begins in the Pacific Rainforest. Here, younger trees (between 50 and 75 years) are cut using sustainable forestry practices. Old growth trees are rarely, if ever, cut.

After being sustainably cut, the logs are floated down the Fraser River in massive log booms.

The mills pull the logs (each weighing around 5,000 pounds!) from the water back onto land. Large laser-guided blades then cut the logs into specialty lumber.


In this process of turning logs into lumber, a tremendous amount of sawdust is produced. In fact, as much as 30% of a tree can end up as sawdust.

Northwest Aromatics takes the sawdust and processes it at the NWA-Mainland site. The result is a collection of unique, sustainably sourced essential oils.

Then we return the "spent sawdust" to the mills. The sawmills use giant "tippers" to dump the transported sawdust into collection piles.


The sawdust is then sent to pulp and paper mills on huge barges where it is used as a source of clean, renewable energy. This then completes the process.

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