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6 years, 12-hour days, 1,001 R&D failures
and 2 amazing essential oils later. Our story.
When you hold a bottle from Northwest Aromatics, you're holding something special. You're holding an amazing essential oil produced sustainably from the Pacific Rainforest. But you're also holding something more than that. You're holding our labor of love for the last six years.
A Humble Beginning
It was six years ago when Northwest Aromatics first came into existence, founded by four people. It was far from a glamorous beginning. We started Northwest working in the basement of an office building. It was dark, small and downright ugly. And in those dark, small and ugly little offices, we struggled through funding problems, R&D failures and more 12-hour days than we care to remember. Quite a beginning for a company that hails from the most beautiful city on earth.
But we persevered. We persevered because we all shared a deep conviction that our Pacific Rainforest could be used for more than just logs and lumber. And over the next 3 years, we worked with some of Canada's top biochemists and engineers to develop our proprietary technology platform, Differentiated Diffusive Extraction. This technology continues to outperform all other methodologies when it comes to extracting chemicals from the major tree species found in the Pacific Rainforest.
2 amazing essential oils
Next, we set our sites on our first two products. With hundreds of potential candidates to choose from in the Pacific Rainforest, we eventually settled on two—Giant Arborvitae Oil and Nookta Tree Oil. Both are completely new to the fragrance industry, both have amazing aromas, and both have long-standing traditions in the Pacific Northwest due to their importance to the First Nations of the region. These two oils were formally introduced to the fragrance industry in May of 2008 at the American Society of Perfumers' exhibit in New York.
And an even more amazing response
Since day 1, the reaction to these oils has been incredible. And since that May of 2008, we've been working with some of the world's top fragrance houses and some of the world's top brands to include these oils in household, cosmetic and fine fragrance applications. And with dozens of new essentials and natural ingredients currently in the pipeline, we're tremendously excited about where the next six years will lead us.
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